Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Because education advances the greater good of our nation, the Coalition acts to support students and their families who must borrow money to achieve higher education goals.


  1. Advocate high standards in the delivery of student loans by all participants in the process
  2. Provide liaison to the US Department of Education on behalf of schools to facilitate the efficient delivery of loans
  3. Provide an effective communication network among schools participating in student loan programs to facilitate information sharing that improves program administration
  4. Educate public officials, the financial aid community, professional associations, the media, and the general public on student lending
  5. Promote policies to minimize the use of student borrowing and improve loan terms for those who borrow
The strengths of the Coalition make it uniquely qualified to achieve this mission. The Coalition can provide a bridge to view the campus perspective needed to make student financial aid meet students’, families’, and student financial aid professionals’ needs. These strengths include:
  • Knowledge of financing higher education
  • A direct connection to the U.S. Department of Education
  • Credibility on Capitol Hill
  • A membership of practicing professionals
  • A clear understanding of the training needs for financial aid professionals
  • A clear understanding of financing federal loans
  • An altruistic, not self-serving, grass roots orientation
  • Representation of millions of student borrowers